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Our Vision

  • To be a Global leader for innovative solar technology solutions
  • To become a trademark standard for Training & Skill Development
  • To be the first choice for Solar Project Management Consultancy and become the quality benchmark for Solar System Integration along with Operation & Maintenance Services

Our Mission

  • To create tailor made Solar Solutions according to the needs of the client and make the world a ‘Better, Cleaner and Greener Place’ and improve the quality of life of the people
  • To cater to the need of area specific technological requirement for sustainable development
  • To be a partner of first choice in providing innovative technological and business solutions
  • To work on break-through frontier technologies
  • To be able to spread education to every youth in the country and help build a skilled, literate & knowledgeable society

Our Values

  • Client comes first
  • Commitment towards excellence and quality in services
  • Clarity of Vision and purpose
  • Technology, Information & Knowledge are the key drivers
  • Honesty, Transparency, Integrity of Character & Work Ethics
  • Honesty & Quality values are the lifeline of our company.
  • Trust amongst employees & Effective Communication amongst them
  • Training & continual learning and improvement environment
  • Use of Information Technology to take advantage of technological advancements