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The most Innovative Product in the Solar Industry: SOLAR TILE

Acquiring energy from the sun and effectively exploring solar energy may be the best routine for the sustainable development of the human race.

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For the PV industry, the biggest and most cost-effective position for use of solar energy is not places such as desert, island and mountains that are far way from living areas. Instead all kinds of roofs in the densely populated areas of a city where people live, is the place where energy is consumed.

The roof and façade of a building are the best positions for power generation through solar energy.This could only be done through Roof Top Solar Power Plants. But now ADS Solar Solutions introduces the Indian Solar Industry to a new product, which is one of the most innovative applications of Solar Power, which can be used in the Infrastructure and Real Estate Sector of India for power generation - Solar Tiles.

The key product features –

  • Material used has High Strength and Low penetrating rate
  • Grooved Platform
  • Rain Proofing Design
  • Heat Cooling Design
  • Life Cycle of more than 50 years

The various advantages of Solar PV Tiles are as following –

  • Better Heat-Isolating effects
  • Better waterproof function than normal tiles
  • Power generation of 70-100W/m2
  • Higher strength and longer life cycle
  • Huge saving on installation costs
  • Easy to install

To conclude –

  • PV tiles are especially suitable for the roof construction of low-density civil buildings, and can replace traditional tiles and realize power generation.
  • Compared with normal tiles, they can save installation costs, waterproofing treatment costs and heat-isolating costs.
  • As tiles, they have better strength, are light weight and have a longer life cycle.
  • For BIPV, it maintains the original architectural style and looks more beautiful